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Tuesday, February 14 - Friday, February 17, 2023
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A partnership between: 

Our Essential Questions

The Assessment for Learning Project is co-designing this experience with our core partners at Envision Learning Partners and the Sunnyside and Tucson School Districts to explore these essential questions:

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Together we will explore these essential questions, with a focus on attending to belonging, equity and liberation, so that we can deepen Assessment for Learning practices including:

  • Exhibitions and Defenses

  • Portrait of a Graduate

  • Formative Assessment

  • Performance Assessment


and other practices community members have been pursuing!

Main Structures of the Convening

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Each structure is designed to ground participants in the place we are visiting and learning from; engage in a reciprocal learning relationship with; and understand and embody the conditions needed to create equitable learning environments where our Assessment for Learning practice can impact ALL learners.

Join us in Tucson.

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